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Telescope Oculars PLASS Svbony 4mm / 1,25 collu / 31,7mm Full HD

Telescope Oculars PLASS Svbony 4mm / 1,25 collu / 31,7mm Full HD
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  • Gamintojas: Plass Svbony
  • Prekės kodas: C27109
  • Prieinamumas: In Stock
  • Svoris: 58.00g
  • 31.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 31.95€
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This is a very nice high power eyepiece. 1.25 inch 4mm plossl eyepiece, gives the widest viewing field along with extra sharpness and long eye relief. Perfect for broad-field lunar observations, medium-sized star clusters, and a wide range of cloudy nebulas and deep-sky targets.Soft rubber eye guard that's custom fitted with a bayonet mount. Threaded for standard 1.25inch astronomy filters
  1. Brand: PLASS Svbony
  2. Focal length: 4mm
  3. Size: the standard 1.25 inch /31.7mm telescope common eyepiece interface
  4. The structure of the optical system: Plossl Eyepiece
  5. Coating: Fully coated blue film
  6. Weight: 58g /2.05oz
  7. Height (Total): 45mm /1.77inch
  8. Genuine SVBONY Plossl 4mm high-power eyepiece, suitable for 1.25 inch /31.7mm astronomical telescope
  9. Apply: watch the scenery, bright celestial observations, nebula and so on

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