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SECURITY / FOREST Camera Burrel S12 HD + SMS

SECURITY / FOREST Camera Burrel S12 HD + SMS
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  • Prekės kodas: BUR123
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • Dydžiai: 152x127x89mm
  • 329.95€ 234.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 95€
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Hunting / security camera with an external GSM antenna and the ability to send an MMS / e-mail or SMTP e-mail, as well as SMS remote control function.

For the camera's pros, we consider:

* Very good picture quality;

* You can set the PIN code to the camera;

* Fast sending of pictures to the phone or e-mail (~ 1 minute);

* The best picture in the world by sending to e-mail !!!

* Sending SMTP images in e-mail mode has the ability to set the size of the pictures to be sent - 640x480 (~ 40kb picture size) or 1280x960 (~ 130kb picture size);

* It is possible to set up sending of pictures both to the phone and to the e-mail simultaneously;

* Invisible flash;

* Simple, understandable SMS control messages, for example, sending a sms command to the camera's SIM card can find out the status of the battery, the status of the SD card, the signal strength of the area; get a phone or email instant photo;

* Set the number of photos during motion detection - 1-3 pictures. As well as a useful additional function-set to have an interval of 1 second or 5 seconds between these pictures;

* The camcorder can be set to 2 timers, for example, the camera will work from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning and from 16:00 to 17:00 in the evening.

Product features

Viewing Angle (FOV): 52 °

Motion Detection Distance, m: 25m

IR flash distance, m: 15m

IR flash type: invisible

Timer: Yes

Time spell: Yes

MMS / SMTP: Yes / Yes

GSM external antenna: Yes

SMS management: Yes

Configuration Options: Camera / Computer

Photo resolution: 3/5 / 8MP

Photo / Video / Photo and video: Yes / Yes / Yes

Picture information: Date / time / temperature

Camera internal memory: None

External Power: 6V Battery or Solar Battery: Yes

Power, AA 1.5V batteries: 12

Dimensions in mm: 152x127x89mm

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