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Forest & Hunting & Security Camera Burrel HD 4G + EDGE

Forest & Hunting & Security Camera Burrel HD 4G + EDGE
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  • Prekės kodas: BUR4G
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  • 399.95€ 369.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 30€
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Burrel Edge HD+4G trail camera

Wireless 4G trail camera with video transmission – very fast sending, send times under 10s. Package includes also metallic security case!

Burrel Edge (also known as Spartan / spromise / HCO) is a very versatile GSM trail camera for season 2019

  • Brilliant quality 12.0 Megapixel still Images
  • Sends video & full resolution images to Seneram or email
  • High speed transmission in 3G network, over 10x faster than old 2G cameras!
  • Powerful and invisible InfraBlack flash
  • Very fast PIR, detection time under 1 s
  • Very good battery life
  • Memory card overwrite
  • Week calendar
  • FullHD video with sound recording (1080p) – also picture + video “combo-mode”
  • Versatile remote commands via SMS (take picture, change settings, camera report..)
  • 2.0” LCD-display
  • External booster GSM-antenna

Cellular trail camera with video transmission

Burrel Edge HD+3G is capable to send videos to Sensegram or email in cellular 3G network! Videos boost trail camera experience to whole new level. Videos have also sound.

Super fast image transmission With the help of 4G, Burrel Edge Pro trail camera sends videos and pictures very fast. Pictures are sent to Sensegram-service even 10x faster than normal GSM-trail cameras. Camera is also capable to send the full resolution image.

Easy to use and setup

Setting up Burrel Edge HD+4G trailcamera is very easy thanks to SSL support. You can add camera to Sensegram with just few clicks. Sensegram creates automatically correct settings for the camera.

More sensitive detector and better battery life

Burrel Edge has all new PIR-detector, which is more sensitive and captures fast moving objects. Cameras battery life is also improved.

Invisible InfraBlack flash

Burrel Edge cellular camera is equipped with powerful InfraBlack flash, which is completely invisible for human eye. Camera takes good quality b&w pictures at nighttime.

Connect your camera to Sensegram picture-service

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