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Teleskoop Algajatele Levenhuk SkyLine 80S PLUS EQ1 152x

  • Gamintojas: Levenhuk
  • Prekės kodas: 73803
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • 169.95€ 129.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 40€
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The Levenhuk Skyline PLUS 80S Telescope is a telescope for experienced and demanding customers. This Newtonian reflector works perfectly for observing deep-sky objects: you can observe all of the objects in the Messier catalogue and the brightest objects in the NGC catalogue. Dozens of star clusters, planetary, and diffuse nebulae are available for observation. Outer space is available for exploring as well, including lunar craters, the rings of Saturn, atmospheric vortices on Jupiter, weather features of Mars, phases of Mercury, etc. Even Uranus and Neptune are discernible as small disks.

The optics in the telescope are made of fully coated glass. The included accessories are chosen in such a way as to ultimately use the capabilities of the optics. Using two eyepieces and a Barlow lens, you can achieve the highest practical power, which allows for observing astronomy objects as detailed and sharp as possible, or, on the contrary, you can use a wide field of view for observing extended deep-sky objects. A balanced telescope kit helps to avoid buying additional accessories.

The telescope is mounted on an equatorial mount. It allows for tracking astronomy objects in the sky; however, it takes some time to master the operation of the telescope. A mount is attached to an aluminum tripod. You can place it almost anywhere because the leg height is adjustable in a wide range. There is an accessory tray.


  • Entry-level Newtonian reflector
  • Suitable for exploring deep and outer space
  • Equatorial mount is ideal for astronomy observations
  • A stable tripod of adjustable height
  • Balanced kit of optical accessories is included

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube
  • Equatorial mount
  • Aluminum tripod with an accessory tray
  • 6x24 optical finderscope
  • SUPER 10mm eyepiece
  • SUPER 25mm eyepiece
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • Slow-motion control knobs
  • Counterweight
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
Barlow lęšiai 2x
Didžiausias įmanomas didinimas 152 x
Fokusatorius rack & pinion
Fokuso santykis f/9
Formas lēcas (spogulis) concave sphere
Garantija 999 months
Iepakojuma izmēri (GxPxA) 96.8 x 29.0 x 23.7 cm
Ieškojimo žiūronas optical, 6x24
Kilmės šalis PRC, controlled by Levenhuk, Inc. (USA)
Lietojums General use product. , May be used by kids over 3 years old.
Okuliarai SUPER 10mm (70x), SUPER 25mm (28x)
Okuliaro vamzdžio skersmuo 1.25
Optikos danga fully coated
Optikos medžiaga optical glass
Optinio vamzdžio medžiaga metal
Optinis dizainas Newtonian reflector
Pagrindinio veidrodžio skersmuo (anga) 76 mm
Papildu accessory tray; observed objects: deep-sky objects
Skiriamosios gebos riba (arksekundėmis) 1.58
Stovas equatorial EQ1
Stovo aukštis (reguliuojamas) 650–1200 mm
Teleskopo valdymas manual
Trikojis aluminum
Židinio nuotolis 700 mm
Žvaigždžių dydžio ribojimas 11.5

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