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Binocular LEICA GEOVID 10X42 R, M

  • Gamintojas: Leica
  • Prekės kodas: LEICA40427
  • Prieinamumas: In Stock
  • 2 200.00€ 1 800.00€
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For the first time customers get possibility to afford an premium-entry laser rangefinding binocular instead of a conventional (non laser rangefinder) binocular.The Geovid R range finder system displays linear distances for measuring range from 10 up to 1100 metres. They also feature the EHR (equivalent horizontal range) ballistics function (up to 550m ) Solid, lightweight aluminum housing. One button to get all information of distance and EHR ballistic compensation.The new Leica Geovid 10×42 R binoculars concentrate on the essentials – a truly high-performance optical system, reliable distance measurement and ballistic angle compensation to display the equivalent horizontal range for angle shots.

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