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Monokulinis NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8-25x25 Zoom

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8-25x25 zoom monocular

A good monocular as small and handy as a pocket knife.

You are with friends in the garden, on a walk or other everyday things and see something that you want to take a closer look at but have the binoculars at home? They solve the problem with the Zoomar monocular. Because thanks to the compact dimensions of only 127x32mm and the very low weight of 127g, this monocular fits in every pocket and is therefore always with you and within reach.

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8-25x25 zoom monocular offers not only a stepless zoom function but also a special macro function. This enables you to focus the image not only over long distances, but also in the close range of less than half a meter. This special technical property allows not only nature lovers completely new insights. Watch the deer on the edge of the forest and the butterfly on the flower in just a few simple steps. This compact monocular is in no way inferior to normal binoculars.

The full coating of the lenses and the optical glass material ensure clear and brilliant image quality. So if you want to take a closer look at the rabbit in the garden or the hot air balloon in the sky in the future, then you are well equipped with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8-25x25 zoom monocular.


  • stepless zoom
  • Macro function


  • Monocular
  • Wrist strap
  • Transport bag
  • manual
  • Cleaning cloth

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