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BRESSER Telescope Spica 130/1000 EQ3 - Reflector with Smartphone Adapter

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Spica 130/1000 EQ3 with Solar-filter

  • Telescope for night and solar observation for beginners
  • Catadioptric mirror telescope with high focal length
  • Aperture Solar-filter and Smartphone camera adapter included
  • Aperture: 130mm / Focal length: 1000mm
  • Mounting: Equatorial EQ-3
  • Included: Telescope with tripod, Solar-filter, Smartphone camera adapter, eyepieces, Barlow lens, LED finder, astronomy software, manual
  • Included: Telescope with tripod, Solar-filter, Smartphone camera adapter, eyepieces, barlow lense, LED finder, astronomy software, manual
NEW - now including a high-quality aperture Solar-filter for safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits. 

A great serious beginner's scope with reasonable aperture mirror and a long focal length which allows the observation of many celestial targets. Thanks to the catadioptic system (integrated Barlow lens) the length of the tube is kept to a minimum, which aids transportation and storage. The BRESSER Spica comes on an equatorial mount with aluminium tripod, allowing accurate tracking of objects at high powers, using integrated gears and manual slow motion controls (the mount can also be motorised with the addition of a Right Ascension motor kit at a later date). All Newtonian Telescopes have a drawtube focuser on the side of their tube, this offers an adjustable viewing angle, which can be set to the user's liking by revolving the tube in the support rings -  offering comfort while observing celestial bodies. Explore the planets within our solar system and discover the brighter deep sky objects. 

With the included smartphone camera adapter you can take pictures of your observations right through the telescope's eyepiece.

Please note: Newtonian Reflector telescopes are a very good optical design for astronomical observing of the night sky. But these telescopes are not well-suited for observing landscape and nature during daylight. If you're after a more "all-round" telescope, we suggest BRESSER refractors (lens-based) telescopes, rather than Newtonians like this, which can be more easily converted for terrestrial observations.

  • Telescope for night and solar observation
  • Optical system: Newtonian 
  • Highest practical power: 260x
  • Objective lens diameter: 130 mm 
  • Focal length: 1000 mm 
  • Aperture ratio: f/7.7 
  • Mounting: Equatorial EQ-3
  • Eyepiece diameter: 31.7 mm (1.25") 
What's Included
  • Telescope
  • Aperture Solar-filter
  • Eyepieces: 4 mm, 20 mm 
  • LED Viewfinder 
  • 3x Barlow lens (for use with 20mm eyepiece only)
  • Smartphone camera adapter
  • Aluminium tripod
  • Accessory tray
  • Software

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Solar observation
  • Planetary observation
  • Lunar observation
  • Lunar photography
  • Planetary photography
Focus GroupBeginners
Product FamilyCatadioptric telescope
Optical designCatadioptric reflecting telescope
Magnification from50
Maximum recommended magnification260
Primary mirror diam.130 mm
Mirror/Lens diam.130 mm
Focal length1000 mm
Aperture ratio7.7
Angular resolution1.06 arc seconds
FinderscopeLED-Red Dot Finder
Batteries needed21x CR2032, 3V
Batteries included
Material OTAMetal
Material tripod3Aluminium
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter31.7 mm
Mount TypeGerman/Equatorial Mount
Extended warranty5 years
Total length90 cm
Total width90 cm
Total height150 cm
Tripod height adjustment
Net Weight total (incl. accessories)7.5 kg

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